Goodnight John Boy

great-depression-unemploymentWhen The Waltons first came to our screens it was set in the time of The Great Depression, jobs were scarce, companies were closing down and people needed to be creative in their thinking when it came to finding themselves a job or set up in business, not so different to how it is now really.

What might have made it even more difficult for the Waltons was that they lived in a very small community and so perhaps there wasn’t a lot of scope for enterprise, however when they did venture further afield to the bigger towns, there may have been more opportunities but there was also more competition, again not so different to how things are now.

And yet they all managed to find work when they needed to, they were quite inventive about it really and managed to utilise their unique talents, skills, and attributes, whether that was in their small community or when up against the competition in the bigger towns and cities. The grandparents and parents instilled strong values in the children along with a strong belief that they could achieve their heart’s desire. They recognised, encouraged and embraced the unique talents within each child and gave them a supportive push in striving towards their goals.

They didn’t have the financial capacity to fund their education but the belief they instilled in each child provided a greater capability to achieve the career they aspired to, far more than funding their education would ever have done. Each one worked hard for what they wanted which resulted in even greater appreciation and gratification.  I think the old adage of ‘give a man a fish and he’ll eat well today, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat well for the rest of his life’ is appropriate here.

The Grandparents, parents and in turn the siblings were a great support to each other along their career and life journeys. They were I think both mentors and mentees at various stages as they all supported each other in their learning and development. As much as we’ve evolved since the time of the great depression, and organisations are becoming more international and global, many things remain the same. We all have the capacity to be both mentors and mentees, to share our knowledge, wisdom, expertise and even among the international and global organisations there is space for the values and beliefs demonstrated in the Walton family, simple perhaps but as I think many of us have come to realise in an increasingly complex world ‘simplicity’ is becoming one of the four key values.

I’ll talk about the other three values in another post and I’ll also talk about the stories from the individual Waltons in terms of how they achieved careers in line with their talents, skills, attributes which lead them to lead fulfilling lives. But for now it’s goodnight John boy.

The reviews I write are by way of reflecting on cultural experiences to include performing and visual arts that touched my heart and my mind and making sense of them in the context of learning and development in both community and work-place.

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